Trackwork Certifications

June 19, 2015


O’Neill Service Group was recently certified for light and heavy rail inspection in a two-day class led by The Track Consultants.

The first day, OSG Managers and Inspectors sat down for Trackwork 101, a course designed to offer a basic and general discussion of many aspects of track design, track construction and track maintenance. This course covered the evolution of track, how to make rail, what the labels mean, definitions, types of track, how to determine the frog number, wheel/rail interface, anatomy of a curve, calculating rail life, some FRA standards, methodologies and equipment. This course was designed for the person that wants a general overview of Railroad Track construction and design. General outline included a history of railroad in the U.S., science behind the technical construction, and an overview of the industry’s standards for safety.

The second day, OSG and representatives from Sound Transit attended Trackwork 105 to discuss the different types of track such as ballasted track, DF track, and embedded track.  The class took the time to explore specific problems associated with Highway Railroad Crossing, Safety and Planning.

Overall, the seminar was a great learning experience for OSG, and lends to the tools and knowledge to excel on current and future rail projects.

(Posted 6/19/2015)