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OSG has been there to support WSDOT’s most high-profile highway projects.  OSG has provided independent QA/QC support to WSDOTs American Recovery and Reinvestment Act I-405 195th project.  This project helped to get America working again during the deep recession.  OSG has also been on all phases of the SR 520 project and supports WSDOT SR 99 tunnel replacement project. With the one year anniversary of the OSO landslide, OSG is proud to have provided QA/QC and Environmental compliance support on WSDOT’s replacement road through this devastated community. OSG was instrumental in getting the road back in service in a matter of months.



The SR 520 floating bridge is the longest roadway pontoon bridge in the world.  The unique challenges associated with inspections, quality, and environmental on various phases of bridge have been complex and required a huge amount of flexibility.  OSG has staffed all segments and provided exceptional 24/7 two and three shift support at critical times.



Local small airports and the large Port of Seattle have worked with OSG for both runway construction and building construction and inspection of the on-site facilities.  Our key management personnel and inspectors have experience working with FAA regulations and onsite secured locations.


Heavy Rail

From Edmonds station renovations to Everett track overlays, OSG supports these heavy commuter rail improvement projects.  Adding value and reducing risks to Sound Transit’s commuter rail projects which share BNSF row.


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